Black Widow Juvenile Male

Location: Terrarium

Equipment:  Canon EOS D30, 100 mm macro lens. Shot at f4, at about 1/60 seconds set on ISO 100. Illuminated with Canon MR-14 EX.

Digital imaging/manipulation: None.

Notes: Latrodectus hesperus is a western relative of the "black widow." It's bite is pretty much the same. This one is a male and, as such, is not thought to be capable of penetrating human skin (I wouldn't test that though). Contrary to popular thought, most males escape the mating process, but if introduced when the female is hungry (or just in a fowl mood) it may be a close encounter of the last kind for the less sturdy male. If you live in the desert southwest, these are your neighbors. As with scorpions, just don't put your hands or feet where you can't see and remember to turn back the sheets when you get into bed.


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