Where possible, we will try to include information regarding the location of the photograph. It has been 30 years since some were taken so we will do our best to recall what we can. Even with the best detail, you should research a cross-reference so we don't inadvertently send you in the wrong direction. If you ever traveled with us you would know better than to completely trust our directions. Think of them as guidelines. At times we will try to include coordinates. They will always be approximate. Google Earth is a good place to start looking at a particular area. There are so many great places to see, it’s just a matter of finding them. We hope this helps get you there.

Using the coordinates:

For many pictures, we have included coordinates. This is our best guess and most come from Google Earth. To use them in Google Earth, highlight the coordinates, copy them (Ctrl C on a PC), then paste them (Ctrl V on a PC) into the "Fly to" window on the upper left of the Google Earth page. That's where you would type in the name of a city, etc. Then hit enter and off you go. Occasionally there is a space at the end of the coordinates that may make it fail. We'll try to keep those out.




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