Glacier Cascades and Beargrass

Location: Accessed from Many Glacier Lodge. Boat trip goes from lodge across Swiftcurrent Lake. A portage takes you to Josephine Lake and, at the far end, the trailhead. The coordinates are rough but if you take the trip, it shouldn't be hard to find the trail. The hike was about 2.5 miles to this point. It's 5.5 miles to the glacier. Longer than that, we drive a car and get a room.

Find the location: Copy the coordinates below. Open Google Earth, paste the coordinates into "Fly To" and click on the magnifying glass.

48° 46' 27.53" N
113° 42' 38.36" W

Equipment: Canon (A-1, AE-1, EOS 620, or EOS 1) and polarizing filter.  Velvia transparency film, ISO 50. It's been a few years, we can't even remember how many. We're pretty sure it was Glacier though.

Digital imaging/manipulation:  Image scanned with Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO at 4800 dpi.  Emulsion artifact removed.

Notes: Many Glacier Lodge is a "must see" destination if you go to Glacier NP. The view from the deck at the lodge alone is worth the trip. This trip was in September so the Beargrass was gone at the lower elevations but, to our surprise, it was in bloom up the mountainside. Photo taken in 1989.

See:"Along Grinnell Glacier Trail" photo. It's the same place, taken in September 2011. It's right beside the new Starbuck's....kidding.





















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