Approaching Storm - Bryce Canyon

Location: Bryce Canyon National Park is about 78 miles by road, east of Cedar City, UT.

Find the location: Copy the coordinates below. Open Google Earth, paste the coordinates into "Fly To" and click on the magnifying glass.

37° 37' 50.90" N
112° 10 25.79" W

Equipment: Hasselblad C501 with 50 mm lens and polarizing filter.  Velvia transparency film, ISO 50.

Digital Imaging/Manipulation: Image scanned with Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO at 4800 dpi. Emulsion removal and slight exposure and color adjustment.

Notes: You don't really need detailed information for this one. I took it from the main road at a turnout. As I recall, we were arguing about something, so I can't remember the exact location. Nor can I recall why we were arguing, but I do remember that I was right.


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