San Francisco Twilight - 1980

Location: Shot from the north side of the Golden Gate Bridge. If you are heading north and exit the highway at the first opportunity, the docks where this was shot are just below.

Find the location: Copy the coordinates below. Open Google Earth, paste the coordinates into "Fly To" and click on the magnifying glass.

37° 49 56.78" N
122° 28' 37.23" W

Equipment: EF-1 70-210 lens. Kodachrome 25 (in all probability).

Digital imaging/manipulation: Image scanned with Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO at 4800 dpi.  Emulsion artifact removed.


This was taken seven months after the eruption of Mt. St. Helen's Volcano. I was told that increased particulate matter in the sky accounted for a brilliant red at sunset if you were shooting to the west. Shots of the city taken from the west (like this) had a much more saturated lavender sky as well.


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