Yosemite Falls Morning

Location: Yosemite Valley,  Yosemite National Park in east central California.

Find the location: Copy the coordinates below. Open Google Earth, paste the coordinates into "Fly To" and click on the magnifying glass.

37° 44 52.03" N
119° 35' 26.01" W

Equipment: Canon EOS 1 with 100-300 lens, polarizing filter and Velvia ISO 50.

Digital imaging/manipulation: Image scanned with Minolta Dimage Scan Multi PRO at 4800 dpi.  Emulsion artifact removed.

Notes: Waterfalls are dramatically affected by season. Late summer is usually a bad time. May is usually productive and around that time the roads to upper areas start to open. Before going, check with the park service for road openings.


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